Protect your precious discs with a condom from D_Skin

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  Here is a product called d_skin that is a           type of prophylactic for your  discs.         The idea is  to protect optical media from scratches. With this product, you merely...
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Great idea for all dvd rental stores. I am always amazed at the general public and their total lack of respect for the dvd medium. I always clean rental discs before they go into my player. It just proves that no matter how sophisticated the technology, there will always be those idiots that can’t seem to figure out how to take care of the product.

This Product can be defeated by making your own backups on other Discs. :slight_smile:

Remember kids to always put a d_skin on a cd-rw before letting it into your drive bay. Your not only sticking the cd-rw into your drive bay, but also every other drive bay that cd-rw has been in.

i bought a tin of these a month ago… and like a ****job with a condom on… IT SUCKS. sometimes they dont even fit correctly on the disc. they fall off quite easily… consoles have a harder time reading these discs… these things just suck ass…
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Will these thing protect you from Digitally Transmitted Diseases?:slight_smile: