Protect your CD/DVDs from scratches with d-skins

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I would like to see some before and after scans before looking at these

I can testify that these work pretty well. I have them on my entire PS2 game collection to keep the kids from scratching the disks up. I have yet to get a single disk scratched using these. My only issue with them is that they are snap on so it is possible for the disk to spin around inside the dSkin. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but if one of the notches pops off (which they do frequently) and you don’t notice it when you stick it in the PS2, the dSkin itself actually scratches your disk (very light radial scratches). In other words, some of my PS2 games look like they just came out of the box, and some of them have a cloudy haze to them because of 1000’s of light radial scratches caused by the disk spinning inside the dSkin (instead of the dSkin spinning w/ the disk). On a good side, these light scratches are easily buffed out using any scratch repair skit whereas a deep scratch wouldn’t and I have yet to get any deep scratches using the dSkins (even with kids).

I’ve got these on my more important discs. (Swap Magic, real PS2 games) They seem to do a decent job, but I don’t like how they are able to spin seperate from the disc (like Kain said).

Adrenaline Vault has a review on them posted:

FYI, as stated in the D-Skin packaging they are not meant to be used with slot loading drives. I have also found the skins very useful for my XBox games and various PC play discs. I have also read that some people have even used them to protect a CD-RW disc and left the skin on during the writing/blanking/rewriting cycles. I have not tried this and it seems dangerous to me.

I just saw a commercial for D-Skin (a weird one at that) and it shows the guy actually inserting it inside a slot loading CD player of a vehicle… The commercial shows a guy hitchhiking and catching a ride with a semi truck… Upon entering the truck drivers CD is skipping and the guy ejects it and tosses it out the window… He then takes one of his CD’s, puts on the D-Skin and inserts it inside the player… Quite contrary to whats stated on the packaging… I dont think they even noticed that flaw, may leave them open to a lawsuit if someone’s electronics becomes damaged because of that…
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They cost to much.

:slight_smile: were can i find them? target? walmart? where?

I have used them in the car. the only time it did not work was when I tried to use them in my moms car which has a very narrow cd played. but other wise I love them and a $1 a d skin is cheap compaired to buying a new cd. :wink:

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You would not have to worry about scratches, if the idiots Had designed dvd discs like UMD’s for the PSP. They made the same mistake for Blue-Ray discs.