Protect recordings on Liteon DD-100X

Bought my Liteon DD-100X dvd recorder a week ago and used the dvdrw disk which came with the player to record a four tv programmes.

I protected two programmes I wanted to keep and tried to delete the ones I wanted to remove from the disk. For some reason I erased everything and lost the programmes I had protected.

Have I got a faulty player, is the disk dodgy or have I done something wrong. I opted to protect the disk in the Edit facility.

I would appreciate as much help as possible with this.

Thank you

You have to erase each program separately, if you erase the whole disc, the protected ones get erased too.

Thanks for the reply.

So the protection facility isn’t that good.

You’d have thought once protection was enabled on a recording it would be secure until you disabled it.

It is far easier to erase the whole disk than erase one track at a time.