Protect my DVD's!

I work for a ministry and we produce our own video’s of the teachings we do. Problem is that we have some people who buy the DVD’s and duplicate them. What is the best way, or the best program (Something affordable) that can be used to prevent people from duplicating our material?

It would be nice if we could edit DVD’s that were already burned, but I am not sure that is possible.

Ideally, we would like to create a master folder that has all our material in it and be able to duplicate from the masters, while the Copies are protected and cannot be duplicated. It would be sufficiant to be able to create from the computer everything, but Id like to save as much time as I can.

I have looked into some programs, but many are too “techy” for me. Last program I have tried was DVD Architech by Sony, after contacting customer support they said that their product does not do that. Even after it was referred to by a friend.

Please help. :frowning:

The BIG movie companies seem to have the same problem :slight_smile: and they spend millions of dollars trying just can’t be done… so what does that tell you

The only way I could think of this working (in a manner that would fool a member of the general public who came across your DVD)

Would be (if such a program exists and I’m sure someone must have tried this)
Would be to burn the DVD movie data onto the disc via a program that encrypts/modifies the data as it’s writing.

You would then have a DVD which a normal player (or PC) would not be able to display.
Yes, you would be able to copy it, but you could still not play it.

What you would need is the special (custom) playback software, that decoded what the writer had done (in real time) and displayed the data.

Pretty much in the same way that you create a password to scramble an email, and you need the same password to descramble it.

I’m not sure if such a program had been written to do this job, but it’s easily possible.

Of course, I’m sure a hacker would manager to decode the data (if it was important enough to spend time on)
But it would definatly stop “average” people from being able to play your DVD’s without using the software/password you also provided to decode and view it.

(Just a thought) :slight_smile:

There is no way to prevent that regardless what program you used and how expensive process you practice in your production of disc. This battle has been going on between producers and consumers of Audio/Video disc for years with no resolution.

Apparently someone isn’t following the teachings…:rolleyes:

LOL you didn’t put much thought into it :slight_smile:
because when they have the software/password you provided to decode and view it. they can copy it. :slight_smile:

A big huge watermark inside the video.

It is impossible to think of a copy protection that cannot be cracked, but putting huge watermarks in every frame of the video will give the video pirates a lot of work to get them out, especially if you put them on different positions each frame.

Then again, that also didn’t stop dvd’s for the oscar jury to spread on the internet :slight_smile:

There are few softwares that can put encryption on your DVD, but like everybody say, there is no way to protect your DVD from being copied.

That helps me out a lot. Thank you for your replies! :slight_smile:

I think you may have misunderstood.

I did not mean you send tham an encryted file (like a password protected .zip file) so once it’s uncoded it’s easy to copy.

What I meant was the movie is encoded with your key (if we call it that)
And you need the special viewer that uses the key to decode the movie playback in real time.

Without the special player, that uses the key to decrypt the data on the fly it’s not possible to view it.

As by the previous posts, full protection it is just an illusion - someone someday will crack it.
But you can try to stop the occasional user that is ready to buy if he knows that there is a protection:
You can buy an authoring package like Adobe Encore or Ulead Workshop. These are (semi)professional programs and if it is expensive or not to buy one of them depends on your judgement.
Another possibility is you to order the edition of the videos from some one that press them and it is in a position to introduce a copy protection (pls note that to press copies is not the same as to burn the discs).
At least you will be allowed to think you made something to prevent the copies that will be made if your price and DVDs content drive someone to make them.

Hi, My name is Phil. I totally understand your situation and your efforts to try to stop illegal copying of your churches materiasl/DVDs? I hate to sound negative, but unfortunately I’m afraid you are trying to do the right things with your DVDs in a cyberworld which is consumed by the legal DVD makers trying to stay ahead of the people who are constantly producing successful “illegal” buning of copywrited DVDs. I’ve been observing this “back and forth game” for over 10 years now and there seems to be no end to “one side” trying to keep up with, or "out doing " the other side. Such are the negative traits in humans which I just don’t think will “go away”? I obviously don’t have any solutions for you because the “illegal” DVD copy folks seem to constantly find more and more ways to achieve their illegal efforts. Good luck and may God Bless! Phil

forget it, re-thought what i’d posted :doh: