Protect My Disc



I go to school at a Design School and came across some 3D Rendering software and everyone wants it…here is the problem.

I want to be able to protect my disc I copy so no one else can copy them.
I have some ideas but no resources…

-Make disc in accessible after certain date (i.e. 24-48 hours)
-Write bad blocks or sectors to make disk non copy-able
-Or write a C++ program to execute after installation to write/destroy the disc, maybe with some kind of auto run script.

If anyone knows if this is possible or if there are any peices of software out there that I can obtain to complete the task for me.

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I dont know how effective it is, but typhoon software has an autorun program that allows you to password protect and stop access to the file after a certain date. But really, it would be quite easy to make copies.

Thanks That program looks awesome for some of my video projects…but I think i am just going to write a program to complete it for me.

i have the same problem. i would like to copy protect my VCD. Im in africa and most of the software you mention here is not available here. someone please help with a simple way of copy protecting VCDs.


Try this link


KL Chin

I dont really think it is possible…
Movie studios have been spending millions on copy protection schemes which are defeated as soon as they come out

If you are really serious about creating a difficult to copy video Id sugest the newer formats (blue laser) are alot more efficient (though still not foolproof)

Thanks All,

All Info Was Wonderful, But I Was Able To Write It In C++ And Took Care Of The Problem…of Course…assuming That The Person Knows As Much As Me About Copying Software. Thanks