Protect my cd and dvd



I am new member to the cd freaks. What i really want is to protect my audio cd and dvd movie.
can anyone help me.


Hi ngkkilua and Welcome to CDF:

What do you mean by protect? Do you mean - so they don’t get damaged or do you mean password protected so only you can use them or do you mean something else?


You can contact any number of companies regarding this, StarForce, MacroMedia, Tages,… or seach google for “free copy protection software”.

With a few exceptions all copy protections can be copied with one piece of software or another and the correct hardware though.


when i say protected i mean no one can burn it on computer


Not going to happen. There is no 100% copy protection. Some are as simple as pressing the Shift key down when you put the cd into the drive while other require certain hardware and disks to be defeted.

But in the end they are all copyable.