Protect My Audio Disc

what software can i use to protect my audio cd? i know most protection has been cracked, but i want one that would make it complicated for ripping or one that the average home user cannot crack.

There is none that is commercially available as far as I know.

The question is, why would you want to protect a CD? If you’re a relatively unknown musician, having free copies of your music spread around will actually help you make money.

There are none I know of that cant be cracked, however CCD-Lock (free) will do a pretty good job, basicly how it works is you make a CloneCD image of the unprotected CD, then patch it with CCD-Lock, then burn it again with CloneCD.


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I wasnt able to find a working download link for CCD-Lock 1.7.5, so I have uploaded it on

A word of advice those freeware apps (CAP, EAC, CCD Lock etc.) work by currupting the TOC (Table of Contents) of the Audio CD-DA.

The danger here is they won’t play in DVD players, PCs, MACs or certain CD players such as car players or ones that read MP3s and people can still copy them. So you wind up with a currupt Audio CD that won’t play in PCs or DVD players and crash MACs!

These apps do NOT work, all they do is curupt the CD and lower their compatibilty. There is no free-way to protect CD-DA with near 100% compatibilty, that costs money.

As long as you are aware of this and don’t mind that only standard CD players will work (which most people don’t use anymore) then do it.

I have found that it the CCD-Lock protected CD will play in 4/5 of the players I have tested it in, PCs just lock up, havnt tried it in a DVD player yet.

As with all copy-protections though, they will cause incompatiblities, and are broken anyway.


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