Protec**d WMA Files

Is there a way to convert protect*d wma files in wav for burning?

If you have got the authorisationkey for the wma, by registration or whatever, it can be done.

You can try Unfuck.exe to remove the protection.

That used to work, but I don’t know if they changed the protection. Look for Unfuck.exe at

If you can’t find it pm me and i’ll mail it to you.

There are also programs like Total Recorder (although you need to register it or it will become a demo or some crap like that) and Audio Jacker that you can use.

I tried unf**k.exe and it works on the computer that the protected .wma files works on but when I tried to unprotect the same .wma file on another computer with the same program, I got this error message. The bad thing about this program is that the unprotected mp3 is ripped at 64kps (it is really low audio quality) :frowning:

…but you can fuck the Unfuck too!
You must edit the unfuck.ini file, turn the 64 in 128, save it and make it read only!!
Now you have your unfucked wma at 128kbs!!!:wink: