ProShow Producer - images within the video of the converted show won't stay still



I’m using the latest version of ProShow Producer 4. When I playback the show within the program it plays fine. But when I convert it to a dvd video file the slides/pictures start moving out of place. I’m stumped here… anyone know how to keep the images from moving when I output the show?


Found this after doing some searching.
No guarantees but it may work…

You might also want to make sure you don’t have any
of the motion etc accidentally on when your doing your
movie or when it gets transferred.

  1. Exit the program. Navigate to your installed program < Program Files/Photodex/ProshowProducer > and delete the file and the cpic.opt file. These files will be recreated afresh when you restart Proshow.

  2. If this does not correct the problem, delete the file < myshow.pcx > where you are saving your shows. This is a cache file which will be recreated.

One more thing probably not related but, if I view a picture cd on my Xbox the pictures will move
slowly unless I press one of the buttons…maybe not related but, you never know.
Btw…the picture slide I made was not made with proshow…