Pros vs. Cons WinXP SP2

Should I install SP2 or leave SP1 running?

I’m still running W2K SP1 and WXP SP1 with a firewall. No problem. Actually, WXP SP1 is faster than WXP SP2…at least with my system. If you do porns, then you may need SP2, FW, and a bunch of other proggies running in the background.

My system consists of ZA Pro 4.5.594.000 and a full-time e-mail scanner. Virus definition is updated manually. I don’t use full-time AV protection. I don’t do P2P, etc… The best source of defense is the USER.

Oh yes, don’t forget to turn-off ALL non-essential SERVICES in windows.

A few days ago I did a clean install of XP SP2 and so far so good. I did the install on my burning pc but so far all my burning programs work.
Today I say SP2 but lets see if I still like it in a week if I do I’ll give it a shot on my internet pc. :slight_smile:

I believe MS will no longer update XP unless SP2 is installed.

I also feel SP2 is slowing down my PC.

I’ve used sp2 since it came out and it’s been working well. And it’s easy to disable the anoying security center. I used nLite on my installation to get rid of a lot of tuff that I don’t use and some things that get in the way like the new bluetooth “support” I had to remove because my bluetooth device didnät work with it and my old drivers wouldn’t install as long as the ms stuff was there.