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I own the NEC 3500a with modded firmware that has a speed hack (rips faster and allows me to burn to certain media at a faster speed), and it permits me to use ‘bit setting’.

I’m looking into buying another drive to help with error checking, but I’d also like this new drive to also have the ability for bit setting. I don’t care about speed hacks, but bit setting is a must.

I’m not familiar with BenQ’s, so does the BenQ’s (I assume the 1620 is the latest 16X dual layer burner) have the ability to bit set?


Benq dw1620 have bitsetting out of box and error checking. Very good drive, and read very good
Good luck


Great reader. Great burner and yes it comes with or you can download the BookType Management Tool v.8.4. You can also change the BookType of a +RW disk without reburning it.


Take the time to read the review at the top of the thread list.


The only downside to the BenQ is that you might find it is actually a better burner than the NEC ND3500AG. I loved my NEC ND25xx series drive to the bottom of my heart, but the BenQ DW1620A is my new love. The 3500 just doesn’t seem to be up to snuff as of yet compared to the previous drive. :slight_smile:

I giggle everytime I throw a new media type at the BenQ and see Quality Scores in Nero CD/DVD Speed of 90% or better… I think I need a 12 step program for this DVD Burner addiction I seem to have acquired. :bow:


Again, I’m happy that you’ve seen the light and have left the dark side.


The only problem with error checking with the 1620 is that it DOES NOT report PI failures, which has got to do something to the quality score…


it does report PIE but u need the last version of cdspeed. It is free look for it


NEC is NOT the darkside - LiteOn has claim to that!

Perhaps NEC is merely the greyside - :iagree: yeah the greyside :iagree: