Proposed Tech tax in canada

I saw this in the news today ( although i already read it a while ago on ) but it seems its gaining ground

Apparantly the CPCC wants to place a tax on almost all digital media, like CDrs and Mp3 players to compensate the recording companies for lost money from Piracy. What does this mean ? it means that Canadians might in the near future pay double for their blank cds (no matter what the actual use is ) and prices of mp3 players and possible HD`s might sky rocket.

[U]Under the plan, there will be a levy of:

60 cents for each audio cassette of 40 minutes or more
59 cents for each recordable CD of 100 megabytes or more
$2.27 for each recordable DVD
2.1 cents for each megabyte of memory in each electronic memory or flash memory card intended for use to record and play music
$21 for each gigabyte of memory in each hard drive incorporated into an MP3 player or similar device[/U]

here are some links,1017,8244,00.html

My question is in all sarcasm, why are they not trying to tax paper ? pens ? Anything that can be used to make a illegal copy ?
This is getting out of hand.

Also on an intresting side note
it mentions that we will be taxed 21$ for every gigabytes on a HD
Will we be paying for actaul storage space or what the label says ?

Yes this does make a different makers of HDs for unknown reasons decided to make One gigabyte equal to 1 Billion bytes ( i might be wrong there but its something along the lines of that ) but one gigabyte is equal to 1024 megabytes
So in fact a 60gigabyte hard drive is only actaully more like 56gigabytes. Now my thought is , what will be taxed on ? 4 gigabytes is a lot of money ( 84$ ) and that problem will only get worse with larger hard drives.

i thought this plan was already in affect on cd media etc, explaining the large disparity when hoping the border

well in the netherlands we have a tax on empty media and i think it is only fair because in this way we pay a little for the songs (not as much as us$25 for a cd but a more legitamate price
(however it is iligal to copy cd’s and sell them, but is allowed for home use)