Proposed study

Being a scientific person as I am, I would like to propose a study for all the BENQ 1620 worldwide and would like your feedback to improve the quality of this study.

Purpose: To progressively watch the deteriation of various media over time that we use for our BENQ 1620.

Background: This study could be open to ALL DVD burner makes/models however we need to eliminate some variables and the BENQ 1620 may write DVD’s slightly differently than other burners on the market. Others may incorporate a similar study to isolate a certain make/model DVD burner in a separate forum then link back to this thread to observe direct media related issues. It has been reported that users have made successful burns that were great at first but then weeks to months later are very bad and cannot be read anymore. This is very heartbreaking when we spend good money, time and effort to make these copies then to see all of your hard work vanish into thin air.

There are many variables that cannot be controlled such as temperature, humidity, UV exposure, jewel cases vs CD/DVD wallet…etc. There was a German study that looked at jewel cases and wallets but the results were in-conclusive but some say it was chemicals that were leached from the wallet sleeves or plastic that affected the DVD’s. We have to keep in mind that we may not watch a movie in several months when in reality the disc went bad in a few weeks sitting in a humid DVD wallet. Or if we have lots of movies and may never watch them until the following year. This is another example of variables that cannot be controlled especially when dealing with a large number of burned DVD’s. However we can report our own findings and over time and should see a pattern develop.

Reporting: Please use the following template for reporting:

BENQ drive/Firmware version
Disc Brand and rating
Media Code
Approximate original burning date (this may be +/- a few days)
Make/model of stand alone DVD player to confirm good original burn
Approximate date when first noticed problems
Make/model of standalone DVD player when problems noticed
Please Describe the problems you are having
Calculate approximate time b/t original burn and now failure
How do you store your DVD’s (jewel case vs wallet)
Approximate temp and humidity where DVD’s are stored

I think that if over time we contribute to this thread there will be a correlation and we be able to improve the overall user satisfaction with the BENQ 1620 and media that we use to preserve our collections.

Thanks for your time and cooperation on this endeavor.

20 views and no thoughts on this idea? Are you not concerned about your collection as time moves on?

BenQ 1620 (retail) running L9, M9, P9
HP branded CMC E01 rated 8x
150 discs
Some failed burns at 8x, switched to 4x and got much better results
After passing quality control means and getting top marks, roughly 8% failed within one month (October-November 04).
Problem noted in Philips combo set top DVD player and in BenQ 1620
DVD storage=wallet, acid free materials
Temperatures never exceeding 68f-80f
Humidity 40%-60%

Since these discs were replaced, no more have failed in storage (copy-tested every one without error). Storage means and temperature have not changed.
This was possibly a media variance.

P.S. I, too, share your difficulty in “getting to the point” within the tolerances of modern readers.


I think your idea is a great one. It will definitely take some effort and patience, but I think the “sweat” will be worth it. I like your scientific thinking and respect good logic when I see it. :iagree:

I forgot one very important criteria…how do you label your DVD’s? Are you using labels, ink jet printer, permanent marker…etc. This is extremely important and could very well affect your results.

danielwritesback…take a look at this link

There seems to be some very interesting thoughts here!

Sharpie for most media.
I don’t really give Daxon media any sort of respectful care since my Schipperkey fetched, soaked, chewed, and threw a Daxon disc before he stomped on it upon the gravel driveway. As the media normally has an odor similar to cat crap, I can understand his confusion. So, I washed it (the disc) and then scanned it (scanned disc, not dog). It passed at 91% quality with 100% data integrity, and PIE ratings were “normal” for that media. Playback was the usu. . .al exper. .iance from Daaaaaax. . on. I’m really not a fan of that media, but the hammer & chisel method of inscribing probably wouldn’t hurt it. If it would scan prettier and stink (bad smell!!!=very cheap) less, then BenQ’s got another winner.
Oh the score? DaxonAZ2 1, Schipperkey-dog 0.

So, now find me a media that has excellent, near-indestructable data integrity (like the Daxon), great playback (like the Ricoh), very pretty scans (like the CMC), burn remarkably fast (like the Philips) and last as long as I want (like the Ritek).

Could it be, that all of these highly desirable features are in conflict with each other?


P.S. Thanks for the clues. Will never purchase Prodisc printables. Very grateful to avoid that disaster.

That’s a rather interesting dog you got there. :slight_smile:

I have conducted a study some time back. It’s titled “Experimental Study on DVD Longevity”