Proposed software combination ok?

Hi all. I came to this forum from the AnyDVD site, and have been reading for awhile. Very interesting.

Presently I have a Yamaha CD-RW drive and the latest Nero 5.5 suite, and am very happy with both. [I was quite unhappy with my previous HP CD-RW/Roxio combination.] I’ve just purchased a Sony DRU-530A DVD+/-RW drive, and a WinTVGo TV-Tuner/Video-Capture card, which I am preparing to install, and would like your comments/opinions on a good software combination to use for the following:

I’ve recently added a DVD player to my home theatre and begun purchasing DVDs (about 20 so far), so DVD backup is obviously the first task. Next, capturing video from VHS, through the WinTVGo, and burning to DVD. This may including editing, such as removing commercials. Finally, of course, data backup. Hard drive sizes being what they are, CDs are beginning to look awfully small, and even DVDs do not appear that huge anymore :wink: .

Since I like Nero, I thought to begin by upgrading to Nero 6 Ultra Edition. CloneDVD may be better for certain specific tasks, but Nero will give me all-round general capabilities, including (I hope) basic editing. Then, for DVD backup, AnyDVD. Naturally, I’ll try the trial versions first. For data backup, I already have PowerQuest DriveImage/DataKeeper, and Second Copy.

So, what say you :bigsmile: ?