Proposed amendmant to ban all legal DVD copies

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In response to a recent lawsuit, here reported, an amendment to the current copy protection license has been proposed by the DVD Copy Control Associations. It would ban any form of copying, including…

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No surprise, and we can’t argue against their ability to look for that…the only solution being a ban on purchase of their DVDs, as we can survive without buying DVDs buth they will not survive without sales!!!

I think DVD movies are cheap enough now, we should not need to copy them anymore. Anyone who wants to copy DVD’s nowadays is probably a pirate!

Pirate? Argh, Matey. That I be, says I.
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As I understand this issue, it has nothing to do with anyone pirating dvd movies. It is a logical extension of having digital entertainment equipment and media in your home, networked together, with access to your movie collection. This sounds like nothing more than sour grapes from an organization that lost a lawsuit and now wants to extract revenge on the winning company who developed a perfectly legitimate product that was being used as intended. How about if someone outlaws the DVD Copy Control Organization as being petty, vindictive, useless and well beyond it’s intended life span.

Afterburner… that is the most ignorant sh!t I have ever read. Some people believe it or not will take a legitimate DVD and add it to their computer to be accessed throughout the house through their network. Or add it to their mobile phone or PDA for watching while traveling. There are many legitimate uses for backing up your DVD’s. And again, they can make all the laws they want, it does not stop piracy.

Hand your entire DVD movie collection to a 7 year old and that mistake will get far more expensive than letting them trash burned copies. Those fragile discs should have been locked in caddies.

Watch soon you won’t be able to play burnt movies be it homemade or not on standalone dvd players.

Uhm from the title, I thought this was an old article. DMCA made CSS backups illegal at least according to practical purposes - Try defending a legal backup like this one and see how much money they spent! These guys sue individuals as well if they hit the roulette wheel even if they have no or poor evidence. And forbit it that you make it easy for others to make legal backups. RIAA and MPAA both need to get heads out of… Gee, I wonder who I support morally. :wink: