Proposal: Plextools Media Test subforum


I see that there is a growing interest about Plextools Professional/PX-712 (and soon 716 :p) as a reliable software/hardware combo for CD/DVD Quality Check

How about creating a subforum devoted to media testing with Plextools? It would be nice to create a database of Beta/Jitter scans, FE/TE scans, PI/PO scans of various kind, etc…

Opinions? :slight_smile:

BTW, IMO it should be a subforum of the Plextor Forum, but there is a “general” Media Forum too… :confused:



Lots of scans (good and bad) were posted in the fw 1.03, 1.04 and 1.05 threads, and some in media forum. But hey, it’s not a bad proposal. Maybe for simple PIE scan we can mix them here (again good and bad media) and in fw threads only post problems?? only my 2 cents.

PS: Excellent scans goes to the greatest plextor owner thread? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: hahaha

It’s a good suggestion but we’d like to keep the quality tests in the Media Forum. You can post your PlexTools scans there (but make sure you check the rules/guidelines first). We do this so that everyone will be able to find the scans in one place rather than having to go through several forums. I think Jamos is setting up some good guidelines for PlexTools scans as I’m typing this.

Excellent. :bow:

Cheers, ET

I posted Plextools general DVD media rules on the DVD media test forums here under the forum posting guidelines for the DVD media test forums.

here is the link to a sample scan following the format at good quality with a 8ecc PIE/PO , 1ecc PIF/PO, and a beta/jitter result.

Hey Jamos,
Your sample post states you wrote with the 1620 but you list an 822 firmware version. Which is it?

oops! fixed it.

So the 1620 will let you overspeed the CMC F01?
That’s another 4x media allowed to write at 8x then.