Proposal For The Nec Guru's

Is there a way to change the f/w’s write strategies in order to start burning @6x and then @8x when you select burn speed 8X ???

For instance if you select 12x it starts @6… can’t this be done for selected speed 8x also ?

thank you in advance and sorry if this is a really really stupid question :bow:

Might be possible, but probably only for NEC

strangezero: Use Ricoh 8x DVD+RW :smiley:

I think that this modification would be perfect and very helpfull for all nec users… (and i think -correct me if i’m wrong- that many of them would be interested in such a change).

Could you do something ? I would be your beta tester :flower:

No :disagree:

Sorry to be a pain in the @ss … but you said “It Might be possible”

  1. Is anybody outhere that can do it ?
  2. Could i do it with some guideness?


  1. Just forget it ?

It’s three isn’t it :wink:

He said “Might be possible, but probably only for NEC”. So I think that only NEC is able to make that change…

:o :o :o :o

i thought “only for nec drives…”

sorry 4 that

too bad only nec can do that :frowning:
i get bad results with the 4x zone, good with the 6x zone and great with the 8x zone…

Off Topic:
strangezero > Nice avatar…Stones fan?

Huge stones fan… can wait to see them in greece (rumors say that they’ll come…)

Well then as the Stones would sing " You can’t always get what you want", that is probably the most appropriate answer to your question.