Proposal: copy-protected media should be prominently labeled

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 A new proposal has been  introduced in the American  congress this week. The proposal, called the Digital Consumer Right to Know Act,  says that software, music and movies that employ...
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One step towards the right direction. This goes to show that consumers will win in the end. Informed consumers can have more flexibility and choices…and if content of merchandise is of quality and for the right price – consumers might even buy the products. I will fork out $15 to $20 and buy a music album or a DVD if it got both quality and price attached.

Yes this is a step forward. Lets just hope it isn’t followed by two steps back…

The companies are only hurting themselves especially if this passes. What are you gonna buy, a CD for $17.99 that has a big copy protected sticker on it, or just take the unrestricted one from your friend on CD-R for free. or download it, cause you don’t want to be restricted.

Shouldn’t they add a manual containing the detailed instructions for pirating their stuff? :4 There are very good software products with no copy protection, why don’t these releases contain copyprotections? The thing is pretty simple: while they can focus on good and cheaper software, why should they waste large amounts of money on developing more complex (and hopefully uncrackable) copy protection schemes? All these copyprotections will be cracked anyway (usually within 24-48 hours).

If this law was to pass I’d label 100% of CDs & DVDs as copy protected regardless if they were or not. What are people going to do stop buying CDs and DVDs? People are stupid cigarettes have labels too.:stuck_out_tongue:

Manufacturers are balking at this for the same reason makers of electrical goods don’t warn you that the equipment won’t work 30 seconds after the warranty expires…no one would buy them …:7