Proposal : Alias forum for news comments

I find that the news comments could be setup better.

The main problem is the double registration. As a forum user, I can’t react to CD Freaks news if I don’t resister again, and I don’t know if I can change the password given for the news.

Also,, that also have a news comment function, has found a much better way to handle it :

The news comments are a forum section themselves. Each 1st comment about a piece of news creates a new thread in the fourum with the name of the piece of news.

Then the comments can be accessed in two different ways : either just below the article, as it is already in CD Freaks, but also in the news forum. They are two aliases for the same thing. Any post below the article updates the forum, and any post in the forum updates the reactions below the article.

The advantages are :
-One registration, one login (cookies problems aside )
-Threads are pushed up in the forum at every comment, instead of being forgotten after three days. This allows posting comments about old news, granted the discussion goes on in the forum, while now, old news are not read by anyone.

Would it be possible to make something like this in CD Freaks ?

Think you missed the new plans we have for the site setup…
Plans are almost in a final stage, bear with us for a bit and then let us know what you think about our new setup…

Yes, this will be fixed in our upcoming layout, also with a lot more features.