Property MediaSupport of type NEROLib.NeroDrive

I’m using Nero SDK in conjunction with C# language. I would like to get some infos about property MediaSupport of type NEROLib.NeroDrive. Bellow is one line of my C# code :
int medSupp = m_drive.MediaSupport;
// m_drive is NEROLib.NeroDrive type

Problem is how to understand such information, which is only one returned integer. Has anybody some more descriptive information which could help me to conclude what media types my drive can support !?

ok, you need to translate de integer to text.

Dim MediaType As String = m_Nero.TypeNameOfMedia(NeroDrive.MediaSupport)

You can do it.

Good lock

Thank You for support, but this is not right solution !

Thank You !
I must to correct myself !
This is right solution ( slightly different ) !
In C# code above stated translation to string is as follows:

string mediaTypeSupported = m_nero.get_TypeNameOfMedia((NERO_MEDIA_TYPE)drive.MediaSupport);

After this metod You have got mediaTypeSupported string with stated type of media separated by semicolon.