Proper Hardware for CD-burning?

Ok first off I would like to let you know that I was unsure to post this question in here because most/all of the posts pertain to DVD-related questions, but as the above disclaimer reads, there are no stupid questions!

Anyway, Ive been thinking about how there are “correct” hardware to use for DVD-burning that eliminates problems like skipping, audio-sync, etc.

And then I have also been having problems with my CDs lately that I have been burning… mostly that they skip in the player I am using.

So I would like to ask, is there a specific type of CD-hardware that is known to be free of burning problems?

Any help you can offer is greatly appriciated, thank you much!

Skipping and other problems are usually media (disk) related, or software related, and not so much drive related. To determine if your drive is the problem, you should use a good program such as IMGBURN, and burn a good quality cdrom at no higher than 24x speed, and then run Nero CD-Speed disk quality test. For DVD, use a good quality Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden dvd and burn it just below it’s rated speed (IE: 16x verbatim, burn at 12x). Run a disk quality test. If these come out fine, it is not your drive(s), that are the problem.


did I miss something? ImgBurn can be used for audio CDs?


Err I meant what CD Media is good to use, I didnt mean drive. Sorry for the confusion.

i agree with harley2ride , its likely the media , the best medias are taiyo yuden & verbatim , in most areas you can easily get verbatim from a local store but not taiyo yuden , however you can order ty online from , i dont agree on the burn speed that really depends on the burner & how much it likes the media , anyway i suggest youll use burrrn for audio cds

defintly not , well unless the audio cd is in ISO format :rolleyes:


I don’t like Burrrn, as it does not work with all my drives, and it does not properly support WinNT 5.x.

I expected this. My question was more rhetorical :wink:


I like Burrrn, always does the trick for me, at 16x with good media :slight_smile:

dunno, but it worked burning a image to a regular cd… i was in heven when it did, as i downloaded a file with azureus, call software for starving students (it is all freeware) that i couldnt burn for the life of me, felt wild and tried and it worked…