Promted for emty CD but does not proceed

I an new to the alcohol software. I have just downloaded it from your site to try it out.
Unfortunately I have trouble with my first try. I am trying to copy a DVD with a child game (legally purchased). It creates the image file and then promped for an empty DVD disk.
When I enter the disk it does update the “status” field to show that it has noticed my disk, but it never proceeds.
Am I missing something obvious ?? I have tried to read the manual and searched your forum. I found another post that described the same problem (or at least symtom) but he had downloaded a file and you did not want to help him.

Would appretiate any help, I have high hopes for your software, as my daughter mishandles her disks and I do not like buying the same games/films over and over :slight_smile:


Old description from a post by another forumer:

I am trying to burn an image file. I get to the window that asks for which drive i want, how many copies, etc. I have verified that i’m using the correct drive, and i click start. A message pops up that says waiting for disk at top. The body of the window includes a 2 column chart, one for the drive name, and the 2nd column is the drive status. Initially it says no disk, then i put in an empty dvd. Then the 2nd column changes to “Empty Disk (DVD)”. And it does not continue. It just stops there, the timer is still going, but my only choice is still “Cancel”. What’s going on?

Try using a CD instead.