Promise Ultra66 and DVD-ROM Compatilibity Issue

I just got a cheap Ultra66 card that I was planning on putting my LiteOn 40x CDRW and 16x DVD-ROM atapi devices onto. I was able to burn 600+ MB of MP3s with no noticeable performance difference. I can read/play music from the DVD-ROM but I can’t play any DVD movies. It hangs the session as it starts up.

I’ve done a search on this site and the only thing I’ve found is that people are avoiding attaching atapi devices on these cards. I’m looking to see if anyone has figured out a solution to this problem and not avoiding it. I’ve flashed the Ultra66 card to the latest BIOS, and driver is whatever came with up XP which I understand is the latest.

My system specs are:

WinXP Pro SP1
EPoX 8K7A 1B25 bios
Athlon 1.33GHz @ 1.5GHz
2x256 Crucial PC2100
Maxtor 80GB ATA133
LiteOn 40125
LiteOn 163D
Round IDE ATA100 Cables

Anyone? Thanks.

You’ve been here for four months and only posts twice???

Anyway, why not try moving the hard disks onto the controller and the CD drives on the motherboard connector?

Only reason why I’m not looking to hook up HDs to the card is because it’s a ATA66 card and all of my HDs are at least ATA100.
I figured the CDRW and DVD-ROM are better speed matched on the card and likewise the HDs on the onboard IDE channels since they support ATA100.

I got the ATA66 card because it was only $6 before shipping and it claims it supported atapi devices.

Just use 80 pin cables ATA 66-100 , the Promise controllers they activate the UDMA mode only if there is 80 pin cable present .

I have the Promise 100TX and my DVD works fine with it .

So , buy two 80 pins cables ,set its device as master in its chanel and thats it … :slight_smile:

Yes but he’s saying that all his hard drives are UDMA/100 and the card only supports UDMA/66, so he wants to run them at full speed off his motherboard’s ATA/100 controller.