Promise TX2plus (non-raid) NOT FastTrak for Optical drives

Is anybody using Promise TX2+ (not the FastTrak model!) for optical drives succesfully?

How is the CPU utilisation?

Do all the software (i.e. burning, EAC, kprobe, whatnot) work ok?

I’d appreciate all comments from people with first hand experience with Promise TX2plus PCI card and optical drives (esp. dvd burners).


PS THe FastTrak model is the RAID model and I’m not interested in it, as it does not officially support ATAPI drives according to Promise tech support.

All Promise cards lock optical drives in PIO, RAID or not. Same for Highpoint.
Which is what this sticky thread is about.

On my promise ultra 133TX2 card, when booting up and detecting drives it shows my 5232k as UMDA mode 3, same for all my other opticals I had hooked up to it, but now they’re on the mobo. Only one that was in PIO mode was my old Toshiba SD-R1002 (way old) dvd drive, but its so slow, I don’t think dma is required.

It works just fine at reading, which is what I mainly use it for. At burning though, it can only sustain 16x, which is weird because the buffer can never stay filled up and so it is slow. But the writing issue sounds like not having dma enabled for it. But I can rip a dvd off of it in 5:30 minutes. :confused: Maybe dma is enabled for reading and not writing?

I also had it on my SATA Tx2 plus, with one ide channel. It was detected as UDMA 3 but it read really really really slow. Didn’t try writing with it. So maybe it’s dependent on the card and/or bios revision? :confused:


Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I don’t know how I missed that.

So much for promise then, eh.

I am tring to find a solution for that same problem too. Had the same PCI ATA card in mind. The information I got was realy controversial, everyone says different things :frowning: realy difficult to get by this way, I guess its back to trial and error.

For an example, look at the email I got from Promise HQ support, after I asked them the same question:

[I] > Dear okeke,

> Yes the Ultra133Tx2 also support ATAPI devices.

> Thanks
> David

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: “Okeke Alexander” <>
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> Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 7:32 PM
> Subject: Promise Ultra133 TX2

> Hello support,
> I was wondering if the Promise Ultra133 TX2 product of yours also
> supports optical devices (ATAPI), not just hard drives, its is not clear
in the specs.
> I was planning to get one of these to hook up 2 DVD-roms and 2x
> DVD-RW’s, but some friend informed me that only the Silicon Chipset
> controlers have support for CD/DVD drives.
> Thx for the fast info…
> –
> Best regards,
> Okeke[/I]

now why would he state that if it wasn’t true??? but then kwkard seems to be speaking from experience, so what is the fact then??? :confused: :confused:

They’ve always stated that. And it does “support” optical drives. But they are locked in PIO. That’s 100% for sure. They show as UDMA in the controller BIOS, but function in PIO.

I searched for this al over the web with no luck: as some ppl say that silicon chip based PCI ATA controlers do support optical devices. If I can locate a motherboard that has builtin (onboard) raid controler (that is apart of the 2 basic ATA conectors) and this controler is silicon make then would it be posible to have optical drives on those???
I know silicon makes raid controler for motherboards for sata drives, I wounder if there are any for Pata drives, then tah might work…

Then why can my SOHC-5232k rip at 16x?

Well I had the same issue with my motherboard onboard raid controller as with my SATA card and my burner. It would detect it and all, but it wouldn’t write for any speed at all, if I remember correctly 4x, so I just put a hd on it.
My board is the Gigabyte GA7n400 Pro2 with ata raid by gigaraid, I think its based on ITE and the onboard SATA controller is based on Silicon Image.

Man this whole DVD burning thing is really messed!! and I’ve not even burned anything.

Ok I have the LG 4120 and the Promise 133 PCI controller… my setup is as follows

HD 1 & HD2 are on MB controller 1 (Primary)

DVD reader (Pioneer) CDR-RW (Plextor)

Controller card LG 4120 …

so let me get this striaght… the DVDR will work bad on the card since the mode is PIO!
Ok if thats the case can I put my DVD reader on the controller card and the burner on the MB and not see a drop in read proformance from the DVD readeR ?

Don’t put any optical drives on a Promise card if you want performance. Move your HD’s to the controller.

hmm well I guess I have some work ahead of me in terms of resetting up my box.

Oh the joy… the fun… :Z

Shouldn’t be any “Work”, just move the cables. You may need to make an adjustment in your BIOS boot settings, depends on your board.

Yeah but,

If I move both Hard Drives onto the controller, wont I have issues with it posting correctly and booting up Windows ?

Or is this a mute point ?

I was looking at doing the following…

Mothboard A7V266

1st channel
Primary ---- Pri HD with windows
sec — DvdRw drive…

2nd channel
Primary – CDRW drive
Sec — DVD reader…

However… I have a large Chenming case and will have one heck of a time getting the cables to reach all the drives.

If I move both Hard Drives onto the controller, wont I have issues with it posting correctly and booting up Windows ?

No, you shouldn’t, assuming the drivers for the card are already installing in Windows. If your BIOS has a boot setting for SCSI, you may need to use that for your boot option, but try it first with BIOS set to boot to HD.

Move ALL HD’s to the card, you should see a modest boost in performance anyway.

Yeah I have to give her a try…

Not happy it took my 35min to burn a DVD at 4x…


Thankz man…

Cool thankz that worked great!

Big diff in burn timeas well.

14min for a 4x DVD-R burn not to bad.