Promise Sata Processor Device

Does anyone know if this is required. My Sata HD is not connected to the Promise controller but I have two P-ATA 133 HD hooked to the Promise Sata controller. Everything works fine and the ATA 133’s only require the promise Sata drivers to work. Everytime I boot to the Sata drive it tries to install this processor device. Finally ended up disabeling it. Looked through ASUS FAQ’s and all over the web for drivers. No Joy. Like I said everything works great but it is also very annoying to have question marks in my Hardware. Promise Sata Controller is a on board device. Oh yeah windows can’t find the Driver.

That is a SATA controller. Does the board have more than one controller? Look in BIOS to see if you can shut one of them off, or change the setting in some way.

Yes. North and Southbridge, only settings in bios for this contoller is Disabled/Raid or IDE. Thanks for the reply.