Promise RAID array gets killed by Linux drivers?

I have a MSI K7N2G-ILSr mainboard with an onboard Promise Fastrak 376 RAID controller. Through a BIOS flash I hacked this controller to a real Promise Fastrak TX2 plus controller.

So far so good. This works perfectly in Windows.

However, as soon as I load the Linux driver for this controller (official binary driver from Promise) the 4th disk on this controller (IDE 3 port, slave disk) is reported to be offline/malfunctioning by the BIOS of the RAID controller. By deleting the second array and redefining it, all works again.

Can anybody tell me what’s going on here? This is quite akward and it doesn’t yield me a find working system.

Furthermore, the Suse systems runs fine. All my hardware is recognized and working just fine, except for the controller…

I have to admit that I’m far from a unix guru but apparently (by Googeling) Linux doesn’t support TX2 in raid mode well and the old Promise drivers may cause you some issues with newer kernels (especially 2.6). The solution is to use JBOD/Linux’s own software raid array or switch to FreeBSD (which is really nice btw) if you want to use RAID arrays on the card.