Promise Controller: Cannot close CD tray by software


i think I have a problem with my Promise Ultra 100 TX2 controller.
For a CD (or DVD) drive attached to the Promise card, I can’t
close the tray by software (eject/open does work though).

It seems that it’s a problem with the Promise driver, because
a CD drive attached to the internal IDE slots is working well.
An Adaptec ASPI driver installed or not also does not make any
On the other hand, the problem is present only on Win98,
under WinXP everything is ok.

Anybody having a similar problem or an idea how to solve ?


No idea. But I want to tell my experience with promise & CD-ROM’s:

Tried several DVD/CD-ROM’s and Writers at promise controllers(both ata100 and ata133 and of course not on RAID controllers which is only made for harddrives) and this is my experience:

-Reboots while writing.
-Low transfer rates
-Total system crash (only once)
-Don’t work properly with many programs(like Nero CD-Speed).

On the other hand Highpoint controllers gave the same problems.

OS’es tested was w2k pro sp1 and sp2 and win xp.
Tested on 3 different computers and with different driver versions.

Only IDE controller(beside the main one on the mobo and those older UDMA33 and slower controller cards) that I’ve found working is the controller cards based on the silicon image controller chip. Sold under brands like sunsway. to get to silicon images storage division.

I gave up on trying to get a Promise card to accept anything other than a HD. For CD-ROMs and Tape drives, it’s not a good place to connect things anyway. The PCI bus is not HOT in DOS, so you can’t use the CD-ROM, tape to make a recovery if necessary. I am about to purchase a new motherboard that has 8 IDE connections on the board. No more Ultra cards for me.


Hi there,
Use a Zoltrix ata100 controller card for CDRW, DVD & CD Rom.
CMD chipset I think. Been using for almost a year and works flawless on three of my Intel 815ep chipset systems. Gigabyte 6oxet, 6oxet/c & 6oxt.


thanks for your advice not to use a raid controller for
CDRom’s or to use a different one.
But beside the cd tray problem and a problem I had
on WinXP with M$'s custom Ultra Promise driver, I am happy
with the controller card. No problems with crashes,
bluescreens, transfer rates or Nero CD Speed.
Only boot time detection is a bit slow.

Since CDRom’s are only UDMA33, I left the burner attached
to the internal IDE controller and will not care about the
problem any more.

Btw, my Mobo is an Asus P2B-S and because it does not
support UDMA66/100, I bought an IDE controller card for
my new HDD.