Promise card DMA?

I have a promise 133 controller card. It has a Silicone Image chip 680.
I just installed the driver but not the silicone image software. I hooked up a LiteOn 52327s to it and it burns fine but I ran Nero infotool and it does not show the transfer mode like the drives on the onboard controllers. Should it show transfer mode with infotool? And if not how do I determine or change transfer mode if possible?


I think that controller cards perform at the maximum transfer rate that your drive is capable for. For example if your drive is ATA100 the transfer mode will be ATA100. DMA is auto-enabled for these cards. You may not see any setting for DMA in windows device manager.
In order to see the tranfer rate of your drive watch carefully the output of your controller card during the boot.

I started thinking about it and pretty much figured that out. Thanks though. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

All optical drives are locked in PIO mode on Promise cards, regardless of what various BIOS and utilities show for DMA. Use Promise cards for HD’s only. This is a known issue for Promise cards, Highpoint too. Consult the controller thread at the top of this forum.

I saw that you should only use the promise cards for hds and someone else posted that the silicone image chip is good for Optical drives also.? I went ahead and tried the drive with my Liteon 52327s and it burns great using Feurio!. Minimal errors and burn times are consistant with on board ide controllers. Are there any other issues related to using this setup? I currently have 2 Hdds on ide1 and my NEC3500 master on ide2 and LiteOn812s as slave on ide2. I had no success getting the system to boot using the card for my Hdd with OS on the controller card.

There shouln’t be any issue with booting to the controller card, but you may need to install drivers first in your OS, and boot settings in BIOS might also need to be set for booting to SCSI, depending on your motherboard.

I tried installing the drivers and changed boot settings but it still gave me a message that my hardware confuguration was not correct. I checked jumpers etc. New cable also.

I’ve yet to see a motherboard that won’t boot to a PCI card, so there must be some setting missing. Try the card in a higher PCI slot or something.

Where are you getting this “message” about hardware?

I tried the cards indifferent slots. The message is one i’ve never seen before.
After the sceen with the bios, ide drive info, and at the bottom it says “press f3 to enter raid configuration”
the next screen still black has the message in the upper left, a long message says something to the effect “unable to boot from this device, check hardware configuration and OS manufacturer for proper settings”.
Not sure if this is correct wording, I cant shut down and duplicate the error at the moment.
Also I am using a ASUS A7V8X-X MB, Athlon 2600, win2000 sp4.