Promise ata controler Problem

I have a problem with an Promise Ultra 133 TX2 atapi controler (it is not integrated to the mobo and is not raid).
If i connect my Quantum HD and it is formated to FAT/NTFS, when i turn pc off, it seems that it can’t shut the disk at the right time.
First HD closes before everything else and then opens again to close for a second time.
What is more funny, is that when the HD is formated with Ext2 (linux) the is no problem closing at the right time. The same if the zip is connected to the controler.
I use the latest drivers (v2.00.0.39) for the controler but there is no difference than the previous version.
I was worried about my HD and system health and removed the controler…:frowning:
Can anybody help?

Reinstall drivers for raid card, and also reformat HD (if possible)

Also do a scan disk to ensure their are no bad sectors on the HD.

Maybe also turn off tagged queuing. It can occasionally cause problems with IDE cards.