Promise 20276 & 40125W



Hi everybody :wink:

I've a CPU utilizzation issue when i connect my liteon with che raid controller in topic but i don't know why! I've try tu burn reading data from HD and from a DVD player on the fly (Pioneer 106s, secondary master). DMA is active on HD and Pioneer, on liteon i can't select it because there's nothing to select :smiley: . Someone can help me?


CD-Drives + Promise or highpoint IDE controllers = A very bad IDEA

Always connect the CD-Devices to the main IDE controller on your mainboard and keep the harddrives on the promise or highpoint controller.

If You need a secondary controller to CD-Devices; The ONLY controller that Iโ€™ve found working problemfree is the controller based on the IDE chip from Silicon Image

Yes Iโ€™m talking out of own experience.


Thanks, but gigabyte could specify this on their site, donโ€™t you think?

P.S. Iโ€™ve a ga7vrxp