Promise 20276 & 40125W

Hi everybody :wink:

I’ve a CPU utilizzation issue when i connect my liteon with che raid controller in topic but i don’t know why! I’ve try tu burn reading data from HD and from a DVD player on the fly (Pioneer 106s, secondary master). DMA is active on HD and Pioneer, on liteon i can’t select it because there’s nothing to select :smiley: . Someone can help me?

CD-Drives + Promise or highpoint IDE controllers = A very bad IDEA

Always connect the CD-Devices to the main IDE controller on your mainboard and keep the harddrives on the promise or highpoint controller.

If You need a secondary controller to CD-Devices; The ONLY controller that I’ve found working problemfree is the controller based on the IDE chip from Silicon Image

Yes I’m talking out of own experience.

Thanks, but gigabyte could specify this on their site, don’t you think?

P.S. I’ve a ga7vrxp