Promblem with my NEC3500AG

i have a problem burning DL with my burner i tryd with NERO PREMIUM and IMGBURN but when he gets to 40% or 50 % he writes an error…
i tryd with the Firmware but if it doenst work soo i think i did it worng… can anyone help me please?

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It sounds like a problem writing to the layer break of the disc. What brand (or media ID code) of DL discs are you using? If it’s anything other than Verbatim then this might be the problem, rather than the drive.

i use just Verbatim

Then clean the drive or buy a new one.

what do you mean by clean the drive?

Buy a CD/DVD ROM lens cleaning kit from your local computer store and run it as per instructions. This is the sort of thing chef means:

Yeah, sorry.
Thanks for the add. info, Stroppy!