Prologic PL-3507 : Which resistor to remove to flash with newer firmware?


I own an External Hard Drive Enclosure based on the PL-3507 chipset. (Brand SQP / Model BOIT-XPCOMBO)
I need to flash it with a newer firmware because of some bugs with the Firewire interface but it is not possible. It seems this is due to a zero resistor which is sometimes put on those devices to prevent people from flashing it by themselves ( )

In the post referenced above, the writer says which resistor to remove to enable flashing but on my device this resistor doesn’t exist. It seems I don’t have exactly the same device.

Since I don’t have the knowledge on which resistor to remove, is there someone of you who could determine which one to remove ?
I post the 2 pictures of the board of the device.

Thanks a lot

Hi again.
Can anyone suggest me a forum where I might have more success for my question ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi banzeo, welcome to the MyCE forums.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to your question that doesn’t involve googling the internet for the answer, which I’m sure you have already thought of.

BTW I think it’s “Prolific”, not “Prologic”.

Hopefully we’ll be of more use to you in the future. :smiley:

And yes you are right, it’s prolific :slight_smile:

The Flash chip is in the second picture, labeled PM39LV010-70V0, to the right of it seems to be two 0-ohm resistors, R56 and R5-something, since ‘0’ appears to be on them.

Thanks a lot.
I had a look at the specs of the chip ( PM39LV010-70VC here ).
It seems that R5-something which is connected on PIN-30 and which corresponds to “CE#” (chip enable) is the one to remove to allow access to the chipset.
Moreover apparently it seems better not to touch to resistor R56 (actually looks more like R55) which is connected to pin-32 and corresponds to “OE#”

But I’m not so confident with my interpretation. Could you give me a confirmation for that ?

I have no idea of it.