Projected income for Sony dropping, due in part to poor optical disc sales



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Anyone remember the mid 2000’s, when Sony used CDs to distribute malware? I’ll bet that reputation is still haunting them to this day.

If sony had learned their lesson, they would stop hating their customers and start letting them get what they think they’re paying for. Instead, they were overjoyed at the thought of using cinivia to “protect” their releases.

PS: I myself love the idea of using solid state distribution technologies, rather than clinging desparately to optical tech. I suspect somanies like Sony only use optical media because of its vulnerabilities to scratches, finger prints, etc., since customers are more likely to buy the same thing several times.


I wonder how far spread the boycott of buying blu ray has spread. I don’t buy them and also avoid buying anything Sony. Hardware is easy, but CDs and DVDs isn’t so easy. as it’s not often advertised who issued the discs.
I know at least 8 people that avoid buying blu ray because they are sick of the way Sony treat it’s customers and the ridiculous price for back catalogue issues that are often very poor quality.
I wonder how far this backlash has spread and how much it affects Sony’s disc sales?
I do like optical media and would mourn it’s demise, but I bet if Sony removed all the crap that goes with their optical products the sales would pick up significantly.


Most likely, sales would be spurred by removal of this stupid copy protection rubbish, but prices haven’t shifted significantly since I last looked …

I rarely buy blurays now, because they are expensive, less convenient, and also because the copy protections prevent me from playing them on my Linux based htpc, so I have to rip and convert them to put then on my serve. Urge. Time consuming.


My first gen Panasonic BD player could care less about Cinivia, hasn’t had a Firmware update since aug 08, and sometimes takes a while to load newer disks but they always play. My problem is new releases have mostly gone up instead of down in price and like many just working for a living my income no longer supports buying over priced movies. I used to buy quite a few DVD releases because they were cheap and I had plenty of extra cash. That no longer applies and they are sometimes 24 to 30 bucks for a first run hit movie, not gonna happen.
When they decide to have a good price on older new releases or older movies I like IF I have some extra money I’ll buy, but not for 25 each, plus being infested with crap to make them harder to actually play. I mostly refuse to buy DVD’s, I have a full HD setup now and see no reason to pay close to what the HD version costs for a DVD either so they can keep them till prices become more affordable.


Personally, (being older than young…) I still like physical discs.
The last I checked, they are the best quality that the general public can get for commercial media.
I really like blu-ray discs too, I don’t burn many but I like getting the movies on that media.

Here’s where IMO Sony messed up, they made the blu-ray structure too complicated so that interests in say authoring a blu-ray is still only available with expensive software.
Yeah, I know about the Sony’s budget softwares but they force re-encode on everything, at least to my limited knowledge of the matter.

Yet the critical perceptions of other posters isn’t unfounded since Sony has had a less than honorable attitude toward the general public at large.
Also their product line of hardware couldn’t compete with the market (for the most part) because their products weren’t necessarily of higher quality and it seems Sony was unwilling to cut prices on the goods to make them more in line with marketplace.

The cynical side of me isn’t ready to accept their numbers for their “projected income” either.
It is hard for me to believe Sony isn’t making a fortune selling movies and music.


I’ve been complaining about Sony since I first joined this website. They treat their own customers worse than some musicians treat their fans. They’re just as bad as Apple. No respect whatsoever. They riddle their discs with malware and Cinavia and their batteries explode. Gee… where do I sign up? Pfft!!

Not sure who’s with me, but I actually like having physical media. Sure, we all rip music/video for portability or to stream from HDD, but most of us like having the high-quality original kicking around for insurance. We like to collect things. It’s human nature to acquire. I’m looking forward to 4K, but I think this will probably be the end of the road for me. What’s next? 8K? Smell-o-vision? Would I notice the difference? Probably, if I had a 100" television. Anyway, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.