Project_ID [PiD] v6.1.3 viewing issues

Protection ID display problem:

I ran a SecuROM Removal Tool and this happen…

The Protection ID program menu has been compress to the point that it’s unusable and I can’t drag it back open.
Although can drag it wider horizontally I can’t do the same vertically.
I have also downloaded a fresh copy of the Protection ID v6.1.3, which I ran again to the same result.
At this point I fairly certain the SecuROM’s Removal Tool has made modifications to my system that made this happen and now I’m looking for ways to reverse them.

Is there any place that I could manually specify the program window size? If so, could I get instructions from someone?

Sorry if this is a repeat post and the instructions are else where but I didn’t find anything on this when I was googling the subject.

I can also give people more information people my machine and what is on it as people ask but to start off my OS is Windows XP 32-bit SP3.



you can tell pid to launch in ‘safe’ mode by specificing the
[B]-safe[/B] in the commandline either from a shortcut or otherwise…

this should fix the gui issue for you

strange that the securom removal tool did this… are you 100% it did? i mean, can you reproduce it?

eg: run pid with the -safe commandline, exit it, run securom removal tool… see if pid is screwed again

Well I think I did what you said Evlncrn8 but I got the same result…

and I ran the same commands in Windows Safe Mode too but still no luck.

Also SecuROM doesn’t seem to be the problem (coincidence) because I couldn’t recreate the problem on another computer but I will keep testing and poking around.

Any other ideas or did I get the “-safe” commands wrong…

Thanks for the response,


hmm, quite odd indeed, the -safe was right, you did it correctly. okay, next option i guess would be to delete the registry key for the window positioning


inside that key there should be a ‘LastWindowPos’ entry
delete it

then run protectionid, hopefully it shoul dthen be fixed, windows safemode shouldn’t be needed at all

if that doesnt work, delete the entire HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ProtectionId branch and then run protection id

fingers crossed that’ll sort it out for you :), if not, the 6.1.6 release is just around the corner and i’ll add in another commandline to fix this

Good Job evlncrn8,

Deleting the ‘LastWindowPos’ entry in the registry fixed the problem.

Thanks a lot,