Project : a 100% working webserver with php on an unmodified XBOX



Provide a user-friendly manual on how to modify an off-the-shelf xbox to a completely 100% working php webserver with as less effort and modificatopns as possible.

This project intents to come up with a 100% safe and LEGITEMATE method to transform your xbox into a webserver and STILL have warranty on it.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have Microsoft warranty on a XBOX which runs linux ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Initial project members

Mr. Belvedere
You ?
Someone you know ?

What we know so far

We know how to install a special Linux distro on an unmodified XBOX. This requires the Mechassault exploit.

What operating system ?

I was thinking about GentooX. It’s free and seems quite nice.

Complete specs of XBOX

Intel Celeron 733 MHz CPU
nVidia GeForce 3MX
64 MB of RAM
8/10 GB hard disk
DVD drive
10/100 Ethernernet NIC

Looks like it’s more than enough to become a webserver :slight_smile:

Initial requirements and assumptions

XBOX is either hacked or MechAssault trick is used.
In this project we assume you have a modified dashboard which contains the “Linux” option added in the menu. We call this the Initial installation

Secondary installation

Now we’re ready to install GentooX.
Write GentooX on a cd-rw , pop it in your xbox , shutdown the xbox and start it up again. It should boot with the cd-rw.

Sadly, the current installation of GentooX requires a modified bios ,mething the project doesn’t desire.

So , if you know any updates or can contribute to this project , feel free to join in.


Looks interesting, Any updates on this Mr.Belvedere?