Progs for burning DVD

Which programs do you guys (and girls) use to copy DVD’s?

If possible for a 1:1 copy. :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of DVD-types are there by the way?

I know there is DVD 5 (<4,38 Gb if I’m correct) and DVD 9 (>4,38 Gb). Where are DVD 1/2/3/4/6/7/8???

For copying CD’s I use BlindWrite/Alcohol/CloneCD.

Can I copy all current protections with these progs or do you recommend another prog?

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O maybe it’s because I forgot something: PLEASE.

If you want to copy non-CSS protected DVDs you can use Alcohol 120%. But if you want to backup your own DVDs just DVDxCopy ( )

There are several programs out there, commercial as well as freeware, that do exactly what you have asked for in your e-mail.

I have tried DVDx 2.1, TMPEnc, and Vidomi, with somewhat different results. The major difficulty I have experienced is on how to specify their settings in ordert to get good results.

Anyway, to get back to your question, try this site: They give all sorts of free info on DVD and CD reproduction.

There is also a commercial site ( which sells instructions for removing the trial-and-error work from copying DVDs onto CDs. I bought their instructions, and so far they seem to deliver what they claim. The DVD copies I have generated, following their advise, are really good. And you will be using Freeware software.

Good luck!

DVD Shrink & Nero.

@ Massimo, I don’t know why you react on a thread that I started almost 4 months ago… I’m now a lot more experienced and know exactly which progs I can use to copy DVD’s.

Buy the way: WELCOME to the forum and don’t let my comments hold you to stop posting. :wink:

Marking this thread for later viewing. I have the same questions.