Progressively slower performace, then failure to boot PC - what could it be?



Basically, as some people on the forum are aware, I have a PC which has been giving very slow performance. The mobo was sent to me by a friend, packaged in a cardboard box with a foam underlay.

The PC has been getting slower all the time, and today it stopped working. The fans whir and the pre-POST screen (I think it says Win ATX, I forget) came up a few times, but froze. Now nothing comes up at all.

I’ve tried swapping RAM and graphics cards - obviously it’s not a HDD or disc drive issue so it must be the mobo or CPU. The question is, what could cause this - static from transit maybe?

If something is symptomatic of this progressively degenerative performance, can it be fixed?

Cheers all.


Can a mod delete this?

I cleaned up the CPU and re-pasted it and it’s working again, but still very slowly.