Progression of software from cd to dvd



I started making CD’s about 4 years ago and I have gotten quite proficient at it including some remastering of the tracks before burning with 3 different programs. I have just started out dealing with DVDs. I downloaded a copy of dvdxcopy platinum and used that for a while, then I bought a 16x dual layer drive(Toshiba) which I got Nero with. Then I looked for a new program , and I found dvd43, which worked for a while, till it came across DVDs by Sony and had the bad sectors, then I bought 1click dvd copy, still had the bad sectors problem, them I found dvd decrypter and that worked great, but had to put the movie to file on hd first, (very complex and technical program, with numerous file formats still learning the nuances), it worked with any dvd i tried, it just took time and energy to figure out and use and clean up afterward. If anyone has a help file on dvd decrypter I would love it :clap:
I used decrypter with Nero ‘create dvd’ and it worked fine. Then I went on a quest to find a simpler one and I read about anydvd, so I uninstalled dvd43 and then I downloaded the free trial od anydvd and I tried it on Kung fu hustle ( a Sony protected disc). I tried it 3 times with 1click DVD copy and it kept saying corrupted and wouldn’t burn, and two times using Nero and that wouldn’t work either, so I went back to using DVD decrypter and Nero and it worked fine the first time, only I had to delete the 7 plus g video file, then shred, then release all Norton protected files then wash and bleach free space on that drive, then defrag…to much effort and time.
Since all previous attempts at code breaking programs have been shut down and and programming confiscated seems to have led companies like Sony to recreate security around those previous programs very quickly.
I was upset when anydvd didn’t do as it should have and that their help menu is kinda lacking…
any thoughts ? I’m open to learning
“Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”
(I will either find a way or make one.)


You could try one of the guides on the CD Freaks Wiki (I have written what’s up there so far, and they do include alot of DVD Decrypter use). Here is the link:

P.S. The DVD-9 guide will be finished soon (hopefully tomorrow).


dvdxcopy platinum
1click dvd copy

get rid of them.

i have backed-up many 100s of DVDs & never yet encountered a dvd that, one way or another, could not be backed-up. the ONLY tools i ever use are anydvd, dvd shrink, dvd decrpyter. go to the dvd shrink forum if you have difficult new copy protected DVDs that wont backup easily - they have stickies on latest work arounds.


Thanks for the link, I went there and read the 5 - 5 transfer using dvd decrypter…
the problem I had was determining which format to store the media in if I use ISO mode I can’t get other programs that compress to be able to axcept the formatting of those files, while if I save in file format then all the other programs can see/read and compress and burn the media…
What is the differance between the formats; File, IFO, ISO ?
what does VOB mean?
What does PUO stand for and what does it do??


what i do is try dvd shrink first, unless i know beforehane thad dvd shrink will not be able to cope with a particular dvd.

if shrink fails i try dvd decrypter [sometimes with anydvd in background if i think it will help] in iso read mode. open iso in shrink from file/open disc image…


The DVD-5 guide is for just using DVD Decrypter. If you want to “feed” another program, then use the DVD-9 to DVD-5 guide (for which the DVD Decrypter part is now written, so you can just use whatever program you want in order to compress).


FILE -> Rip all files on the DVD ( .ifo, .vob, .bup , etc) individually & stick it on the HD.

IFO -> Rip VOB files according to a particular “program” description (ie “main movie only”, or “trailer 1 only”)

ISO -> Rip the entire DVD as a complete image.

VOB -> The video object file. Where the MPEG video/audio data is stored.

PUO -> Prohibited User Operations … the annoying controls that make you watch those stupid “It’s illegal to copy dvd’s” messages & those 20minutes of promotions on disney DVD’s without being able to fast forward/skip them.

Remove PUO’s-> A Freaking Great thing :wink: