Progresses in holographic data storage

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According to a news published at Ars Technica, scientists of Technical University of Berlin were able to store 500GB of data on DVD-sized discs, and claimed that there are plans to further increase…

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Wow. Imagine watching a hi-def movie that was 500GB in size. The bitrate would be off the chart. Crazy stuff. :slight_smile:

Imagine how many TV shows one could cram on such a disc using an MPEG4 codec :slight_smile:

Imagine all the porn that cud be fitted into :B

I always admire of the signage at roadside.

is this format only for storage or is it something that will be used for HD movies etc as well? :S

@ tylau WTF are you talking about? @ BitRate Yeah, that would be crazy, man. You could put 500 MPEG4 movies on one disc. @ Blodulv It said data, so you could put anything on it you wanted. This could be the successor to HD DVD/Blu-ray discs. Wow, I can see it now. 300GB worth of movie and 200GB of DRM. Heh heh. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it will ever see any real consumer release. People will move to flash media and larger harddrives, while the professional industries use holographic media. Blu-Ray will almost certainly be the last consumer oriented optical disc.

@ Dolphinius_Rex Yeah, but you also once said that the Internet was just a fad and that I should sink all my money into Enron stock. :+

Tylau was implying a sort of pun. Think of a figure of speech… too bad it is lost on many. Signs of the times, where we’re headed, etc. :slight_smile: