Progresses in Blu-ray and HD-DVD decrypting

I just posted the article Progresses in Blu-ray and HD-DVD decrypting.

A news posted at Engadget refers that there is another progress in decrypting both Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies. Recently some reports explained how HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc “volume keys” was…

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“another progress” ? Lazy Italians. Also: woot!

great progress & it has been faster than i expected; however, another problem with water marking might prevent those copies from played on the stand alone players. now, i don’t have to deal with idiotic & unreasonable drm.

Getting closer to being able to play these without the $10,000 admission fee. Still no source code or GUI for ripping like there was for DVD. At $2000 sq/ft for real estate, being able to watch all formats on a general purpose computer instead of buying a new appliance for everything is the holy grail.

“another progress” ? Lazy Italians. Also: woot!

Just goes to show the industry that all their stupid DRM is just a pain in the ass and a waste of their cash and a cause of annoyance to us!! And to M$ and all the DRM built into Vista - with their next OS I hope they just turn around and say 'look you idiots, we built it into the OS, it pissed off a ton of our customers, cost a fortune to develop and they got around it in a few months - now we’re gonna go do it again. F off!!" Dont see it happening though :wink: