Programs to convert MKV to dvd or blu-ray

what program do you guys recommend for me to turn a MKV file into a blu-ray or dvd? Or both? thanks

AVStoDVD will probably work for the .mkv to dvd conversion.

To convert an .mkv to blu ray you might want to look through this list of tools:

For DVD: ConvertX if you want to pay for it, otherwise avs2dvd (using avisynth and haali media splitter if necessary). I’m not sure about blu-ray authoring, but there’s a thread about it here.


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Do these also have dvd menus aside from convertxDVD where you can create your own menu and customize it like nero vision?

AVStoDVD is a fairly simple program designed for people who don’t have a lot of experience converting video and authoring dvds. The menu selection within it is fairly limited, but you can customize the output somewhat.

Blu ray authoring hasn’t got a good, free solution yet. tsMuxeR can produce blu ray disks for you, but menu creation isn’t part of that program.

There are some very expensive BD authoring programs, like Roxio DVDit Pro HD, and Sonic Scenarist. And there are some cheaper consumer grade programs from Roxio, Ulead and Cyberlink that offer some forms of blu ray authoring, but I haven’t heard much about them or their limitations.

Is there a program you’d recommend that is as customizable as nero vision 9 but at the same time supports MKV files? For dvd authoring? It doesn’t matter if it’s not for free but for free would be nice thanks!

Why dont you use the real source to overcome conversion time?!?

what do you mean?