Programs That Will Play Blu Ray ISO

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if anybody knows of any media players that will play a Blu Ray ISO. I’m backing up some of my stuff to ISO format so I can have all the extras and everything and I just want to preview them to make sure they turned out the way I wanted, but I am having a lot of trouble getting VLC to play them back.

If you’re talking about playing them on PC, all you need is a virtual drive to mount them in. SlySoft has a good one that’s free: Once mounted you play it as you would any BD disc.

I downloaded Virtual Clone Drive and figured out how to mount. Now how do I play the actual ISO? Once mounted, shouldn’t I be able to go into VLC Media Player, click Open Disc, pick “Blu Ray” and play the ISO?

Yes, you should be able to play the main movie in VLC once the ISO is mounted. The ISO will look like a disc in a physical drive to the program.

But the main purpose of putting your movies in the computer as ISO files is to access all the material on the original discs. None of the free players have the ability to use blu ray menus, so it is difficult to play extras. It is possible to go to the Streams folder and play individual m2ts files from there, but you won’t have many clues as to which one to select. Thumbnails will help there.

To have easy menu access you need a commercial player, like Arcsoft TMT 5 or PowerDVD. There are a couple of others, Corel WinDVD and Nero’s player come to mind, though I think you have to have the full media suite from Nero. DVDFab also has a player, though I don’t think it is as good.

TMT 5 is probably the best, though not cheap. You can find discount coupons for the program most of the time.

I have BD iso and I use WinDVD pro 11 to play the mounted iso after using Slysoft Virtual CloneDrive to mount the iso and play the iso just like regular BD media. And it works just like your playing a regular BD media in the drive but do remember to unmount the BD iso when your done otherwise the computer will show a BD waiting in queue in your virtual drive.