Programs stops working



DVD FAB stopped working when I tried to copy The Dark Knight. Is there a fix for this?


what version are you using,


I have both DVDFab v4 and DVDFab v5.2.2.2 both worked fine until yesterday. When copying a show I own, both versions stopped working. I received one of those popups that say “program has stopped working, Look for solution or close program”. Not sure why. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall?


If you do uninstall you may have to uninstall both version…they both use the same components and uninstalling one may or may not effect the other :eek:
Use one of the guides below in my signature according to your operating system :wink:


thanks…i will try that tomorrow. Will report back with results. Based on your expertise, you think that will do the trick?


It is hard to say, what works for some may not work for others :frowning: because systems very between users because of system configuration according to users usage and settings and the oprating system itself.


for The Dark Knight and a few others you may need to enable pathplayer to properly decrypt the dvd.


Troy…i’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.

What is weird, I actually only uninstalled (but left v4 on my system)…Version4 works…when I reinstalled, that still didn’t work.


Had a similar problem. CARS was crashing DvdFab 5.X. I had “Always enable path player” selected. I changed it to “Enable path player when necessary” and all is well.

Good luck, hopes this helps.


Thanks Fredz…i will check it out and get back to you.


I have it set to “enable when necessary” and still craps out on me. I notice it is crapping out on me when it is ready for the “second pass”. When I copy, I usually do High Quality Encoding 2-Pass. Attached is screen shot of what it looked like when the error “FabCore stopped working” popped up on my screen again.

any other thoughts?


sorry any of my comments were concerning dvd to dvd modes. dvd to mobile is a whole load of problems. :slight_smile: