Programs for defating safedisc

I was wondering which one of these three programs are good for defeating safedisc up to 3.15 (or higher)?


Blindwrite - not so good for safedisc 3+ at the moment

Discdump - reads the image ok, but its the writing of the disc that is tricky and discdump doesn’t write the image

Discjuggler - probably the best of the 3 mentioned, if you have an accurate reader

Could also try cloneCD / Alcohol, it has been known to work for some where other programs fail. But out of those 3 programs listed, i’d go for Discjuggler. Remember safedisc 3 is very hardware dependant…no method may work for your particular hardware!

DiscDump + FireBurner was also the best for SafeDisc 2.9+. Havn’t tried it for SafeDisc 3 yet.

Blindwrite - not so good for safedisc 3+ at the moment

Why is this?

Whilst Blindwrite works for some, it’s not always reliable when writing the newest (very) weak sectors in the later versions of safedisc 3.xx

Discdump / Fireburner is also a good combination, but fireburner cannot handle safedisc 3.15 and above in many cases…a good method for upto sd 3.10 however.


If you have an accurate reader (Toshiba dvd, Plextor cdrw or Asus cdrw) AND a writer capable of writing all the weak sector patterns accurately (40x or faster Asus cdrw, 52x A-Open cdrw, 52x Lite-on cdrw or recent Lite-on dvdrw, ancient 8x scsi plex cdr and a few others) discjuggler is best.

If you have a slightly less accurate reader (but more tolerant of back-up copies) (e.g. Lite-on dvd, cdrw or dvdrw), alcohol is probably your best bet. [You may get lucky with dj but don’t count on it.]

I Guess i’ll use Alcy with my 832s

alc 120% is the best at the moment, havnt had any luck with blindwrite/clonecd. but im just waiting for the guys at clonecd/alc120/blindwrite to make a proper backup method that definatly works. the current methods are tempromental and unrelyable. :frowning: