Programs and features

I have a problem, i have deleated a program off my system (shogun total war) and now want to install its better counter part (gold edition) however it says it detects an earlyer version and to delete that first.

I have looked in my Programs and features menu and its there i try and un install but it turns about and says its not there to uninstall.

Any ideas?

Have you tried reinstalling the older version & then uninstalling it through Programs & Features instead of deleting it?

Ummmm would but the complication arrises when i dont have the older version, i got rid of it.

CCleaner available here:


However it still says its there (the installer).

Sounds like you might not have seen everything in CCleaner.
If you are familiar with the registry and know how to search it you can go there and clean it out manually .

I would run CCleaner again and look closely at what it finds, it should be listed as a broken link at the least,since you deleted the program instead of uninstalling it.

Tried, it says fixed rescanned and it didnt come up again but the game still says it has a previous version.

You can use regedit to look for and delete entries manually but you do have to be careful or you can make the computer inoperable .

Heres a link to microsoft if you want to check it out