Programming Help

Good evening all,

I have recently done a lot of research on software that can be used with Visual Basic 6 and found Nero to be one of the most compatible. Here is the problem. I have only done basic programming and nothing as advanced as I am seeing in this forum or in the SDK. I like the way the Nerofiddles program operates and I can kind of see how it works. Well, lets get to the chase.

I am trying to understand how to program an application similar to the Nerofiddles. the difference is I need to be able to pick and burn both a directory and its associated sub directories and also 1 individual file.

Problem: To automatically chose (a) folder(s) and all associated files and subfolders, and allow the end user to pick 1 file and place that file in one of the sub-folders that have been pre selected.

The setup:

A corprate Novell server containing the 4 folders to automatically pick - BIN, VALUATION, ADOBE, MISC
1 file named Valuation.pdf that is in an entirely differnet mapping on the server.
Nero 6 is installed on the End-users workstation.

Can anyone :
Help me understand how to use the neroCOM and associated files properly and pointers on building the app I need.

Show me some possible mods to the nerofiddles (I’d rather build a custom app and not just modify an existing one)

Basically I’d like to have a mentor to help take me beyond basic VB programming and learn how to program this app. ANY and all help is greatly appreciated. As I stated earlier I have only performed basic VB programming and that has been over 5 years ago… Thanks to a boss who has seen my college programs I have now been tasked with “make it happen”



I forgot to mention. I need to burn the auto-selected folders and the chosen file to CD-R (The end user makes about 200-500 copies per year). If you wish to reach me outside of the forum please e-mail