Programming from DISH to dvd recorder

I have a dish satellite, I have a dvd player/recorder for my tv. They are currently connected so that I can watch tv and record my program live time. I can’t program to record when I am not home. Previously I had a vcr to record on and my dish would work with that. Now with my new dvd recorder, I can’t program thru my dish. Is there a way of connecting the cords so that the recorder will work with the dish? Thanks.

Basically NO.
Your dish receiver is older like mine. I haven’t checked & newer ones might work with a DVD recorder.
At sometime you set you dish receiver with an IR code for your VCR.
The older dish receiver has an IR blaster that sends an IR signal to a VCR just like the remote would.
Heres what I do :

  1. set the time & channel I want to record with Menu then Timers on the dish receiver.
  2. set the same time on my DVD recorder to timer record.
    The only problem with this is if someone changes the channel on the dish receiver .It is not locked in.
    I hope this helps.

There is also another mthod, but this must be supported by the receiver and the recorder (both connected via SCART cable).

In such a configuration, the timers are programmed in the receiver. The timer event triggers a signal the recorder is “listening” to, and the recording is started (and stopped at the end of the programmed time period).


The link method michael mentioned is only suitable with some Panasonic, Sharp and Samsung devices, AFAIK.