Programming "Flashcards", in what computer language?

I have an idea for some interactive “flashcards”, an educational program, where you test/educate yourself for vocabulary words.

My question is “What computer language should I try to develop this in?”

I visualize that the program would just be text display text, but it would be nice to display some graphics.

About 30 yrs. ago I did some programming in Basic & Fortran. You can get Basic, Python, or Scratch on-line for no charge. The learning curve would also be less in those languages.

If some publisher would be interested in the idea, would he want it programmed in Java, C++, or Visual Basic? or would Basic, Python, or Scratch be good enough?

I am retired, have a lot of time, but few financial resources, and this project is a labor of love rather than a professional move.

Any advice will be appreciated,
Thank you