Program won't finalize

I just recorded the movie War of the Worlds (twice) from my satellite to my Tivo and then burned it using my DVD recorder as I have 100’s of other movies but it won’t finalize on either burn?
What’s up with that?
Copy-protection over the air?
Thanks for any info…

Legal (owned) movies, i hope for you… :stuck_out_tongue:
TIVO - does it have DRM? Would be new to me, but who knows?!?

Update the burning app!!

Certainly legal…I recorded a couple hundred movies right off the Tv/Tivo and burned them using a simple off the shelf Panasonic DMS-ES20 DVD recorder (not my computer) I don’t have the equipment that “copys” DVDs!
I record mostly old movies I grew up watching and War of the Worlds (2005) is a departure from those and the newest movie I’ve recorded so I’m wondering if it has copy-protection even over the air?
Just would like to know if anyone else encounters this with this movie, or other movies as well, before I keep re-recording and re-burning it thinking I’ve just run into a couple bad blank DVD discs.