Program will not initialize

I installed, everything worked beautifully. I double clicked an ISO file, the same prompt appeared that appears when the key is double clicked which says something to the extent of Thanks for registering, restart the program, etc. Now when I start the program, nothing happens. I started Task Manager to watch…the thread starts, runs for 3-4 seconds and disappears. I’m not sure what information anyone needs to help. Just let me know.

Hello JC_ANTON83
WELCOME to the DVDfab Forum :smiley: WHEN YOU SAY [B]“I double clicked an ISO file”[/B] Not sure what you mean by that :confused:
When you first install DVDFab Platinum and you activate it by double clicking on the Key you get the message “[B]Thanks for registering, restart the program[/B]” or something like that, Anyway you put a DVD movie into your DVD drive and it will show up as the source OR if you have the Movie copied to your HD already you click on the image of a folder next to the source drop down window to browse for the VIDEO_TS Folder to select it as the source.
There is no double clicking on an ISO image involved in the process,…NOTE…the only time I can remember someone having an issue like what your thread says is on a Vista 64 bit OS of course you have not given much info to go on so you need to give a little more info on your computer OS and configuration

Tim :cool:

Thanks for responding. I use a different program to burn ISOs to CD. I also just performed a clean install of XP and hadn’t remembered that the CD Authoring program wasn’t installed. I did not intend for DVD Fab to load. DVD Fab loaded the ISO in (what seems like) the same manner as a key. I received the registration message and then DVD Fab restarted. However, it will not initialize at all now. I have attempted uninstalling DVD Fab, some registry cleaning, and reinstalling. I cannot get anything to work. :sad:

My configuration is as follows:

Dell Dimension 8100
Pentium 4 @ 1500 MHz
768 MB Ram
875 GB HD
DVD Fab Platinum
_NEC DV-5800A

I’m not sure what else you need. Just let me know.


If the email with the key is over 7 days old, you will need to cut and paste the key into Fab. It is attached in a TXT form.


What is your Operating system :confused:
Windows XP or Vista 32 bit / 64 bit or Media Center :confused:

XP Professional SP2

Follow steps below

How to do a Clean uninstall of DVDFab

Uninstall DVDFab like you normally do, next open My Computer and go to c:\Program Files (OR) where ever you installed DVDFab and delete the DVDFab folder…now close Program Files
Since you are already have your “C” drive open go to “Documents and Settings \ OWNER” and open the “HIDDEN FOLDER” called “Application Data”…now go all the way down to “PCOUFFIN” that was left behind when DVDFab was uninstalled and delete ( NOTE ) there are 4 entries for the pcouffin delete “ALL 4”…close documents and settings
NOW the last thing you want to do in your “C” drive is to open the “WINDOWS folder \ PREFETCH folder” and delete the boot-up file for DVDFab (better known as the ".pf " file
it will look like this DVDFABPLATINUM3080.EXE- # # # # # # #
where # is a number and or letter (string of 8 total ( NOTE ) delete all entries for FAB…close the “C” drive
Now open “My Documents” and delete the DVDFab Folder (AND) the “PCSETUP” Folder …now close my documents
if you have anything in the Recycle Bin empty it NOW for the last two steps DO in order 1st do a Registry Clean up “REGSEEKER” or what ever you use after that Defrag your whole system NOW Reboot and re-install DVDFab ( NOTE ) DO NOT USE AN OLD download file of FAB that you have had on your computer "COULD be Corrupt RE-DOWNLOAD a new copy of the file
and let us know how it works out

PS…make these selections in common settings \ Write

Burning Engine …VSO
Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media(DVD-5)size…4464 " by using custumize in the drop down"
Set Booktype…check

(NOTE) click OK NOT the close button on top
AND most of all this is very important ( DO NOT ) have any programs running in the background “PLUS” when doing a backup “STAY OFF” the internet

I actually just fixed the problem. When the ISO was opened by DVD Fab, it corrupted the Key value in the registry. I deleted the reference via regedit and reinstalled DVD Fab. Everything is working fine now.

Also to activate just double click on the Key after you install
[B]Don’t double click on an ISO Image[/B]

That is great glad you got it fixed

Thanks for the help!

Any Time my friend